Thursday, April 22, 2010

Well it seems Im starting a new chapter in my life. In a few days I will be 55 shoo thats hard to believe but true. I've finished school and starting my new career. Full Specialist Nail Tech and Esthetician. Guess its never too late huh???? I'm feeling really really homesick for my family for some reason guess its because I live so far away from all of you. 55 that number keeps slamming my brain I think even harder than 50 did. Its just a number or so the saying goes but a dang big number if I dont say so myself. But lets leave that one alone for now..... I love my life here in Florida love love love my husband and I am so glad Forrest moved here I think I would of been or should I say I would of felt a little lost. I'm pretty upset at my daughterinlaw right now but I guess thats life shes just so immature some times and I don't think she has a clue that mothers have feelings too. Ok ok I'm venting but its just so frustrating. People dont live forever and I think you should charish every minute you are blessed to have with them. You know what scares me is the fact that I'm gonna be older than anyone lived on moms side outside of Dee Dee. It tears at my heart that none of them mom or dad got to grow old with us it was just too short and not enough time to share everything with them maybe thats why 55 is bothering me so much I want time but only God can decide our fate. Anyway if this isnt depressing sorry just have a little on my mind and I needed to talk about it. I love you guys and miss you all

Deb and Robert

Andrew and his wife Brandie

Forrest and Stacey


For's lil family

Grandpa and Faith at the beach

Andrew future triathaloner!!!!!

us and the grandkids Andrew and Faith